Dispute resolution / Litigation

We have represented clients in a number of successful intellectual property litigation cases, which is the main focus of our law firm. Our litigation practice includes cases involving infringement of character, trademark infringement, copyright (with a particular focus on database rights) and tort law. We are also experienced in providing legal representation in international arbitration (ICC) proceedings. In these matters, we have extensive experience of the relevant court practice and work in collaboration with eminent practitioners to support our clients’ interests and achieve their goals.

In connection with the enforcement of our clients’ financial claims, we undertake legal representation in connection with the initiation of payment order proceedings and winding-up proceedings.

In addition to the above, our litigation practice also includes legal representation in connection with challenges to administrative decisions (primarily in the fields of trademark, data protection and media law).

If our clients’ intellectual property is infringed in a way that also violates criminal law, we undertake the drafting of a complaint and the legal representation of the victim before the authorities and the courts.

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