Intellectual property rights protection

The main profile of our law firm is the legal protection of intellectual property, so we support our clients in all matters in this area from a legal perspective. Such matters may include drafting general contractual terms and conditions for the legal protection of the content and image of a newly launched website, taking action against infringements on social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram), drafting contracts for the use of software or other intellectual property, drafting contracts for the distribution of a television programme, initiating legal proceedings against trademark infringers, copyright infringers, database misusers or providing legal representation for the registration of trademarks.

Having represented our clients in a number of successful intellectual property cases, we are familiar with the relevant case law and use our expertise not only in litigation but also in contracts that require the exploitation of our clients’ intellectual property.

We also assist our clients in their decisions on legal issues relating to the protection of intellectual property in the form of oral consultations or written legal opinions.

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