Our Law Office

The main profile of our law firm is business law, including intellectual property law. This profile has evolved because we primarily provide day-to-day legal advice to companies in the IT, Telecommunications and Media sectors, which in addition to drafting and advising on legal matters included litigation and non-litigation, arbitration, trademark registration, company formations, M&A transactions, and criminal representation. For more than 16 years, we have successfully provided comprehensive general legal services to media and IT companies with subsidiaries in other European countries (mainly Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia), so our experience covers both foreign and domestic matters.

Our extensive professional contacts allow us to cooperate with other law firms, tax advisors, auditors and other experts, so that we can support our clients in complex and larger assignments.

In all cases, we carry out our clients’ assignments responsibly and with a view to achieving our clients’ objectives. It is important to us to be proactive and to always respond to our clients’ questions in a timely manner and to the highest professional standards. We are happy to take on complex and challenging cases, and we always develop cost-effective, practical and pragmatic solutions.

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